dawn theme slideshow

Slideshow with 11 unique designs

How to see the code

1. Please log in/create an account first. This is to ensure that all purchases are connected to an account and can be viewed on different devices.

2. Purchase the code using the "purchase box" on the specific page of the desired code.

3. After the purchase, please refresh the page.

Please note that the code may not be compatible with any currently installed apps.

Compatibility: Compatible on most Shopify themes, from Debut to Shopify 3.0.

Create a slideshow with no app, no subscription, and no coding experience necessary.

I know most of the themes in Shopify has a sort of slideshow but we are not creating just a sort of slideshow. The slideshow has total of 11 different styles you can apply (I did not count the design 2 since it is just an opposite if design 1). Having problem with images way too bright or way too dark? I added filters. I recommend to play with the filters.  

Not only that, I added a video that you can upload from your hard drive or via youtube.

This works with Debut and Dawn Theme for sure, but since I wrote the code with unique class names and with hard code (meaning it cannot easily be altered), then this should works on most of the shopify themes.

Just letting you know, complex component comes with long codes. I tried to shorten the code as much as I could. 

Check DEMO store here 💻. Password: made4uo

NOTE: Please be reminded to use the landscape images as much as possible, or use design 1 and 2 for portrait images to avoid images being cut off. Images must be same sizes as possible. 

 What you are buying:

  • 11 different slide designs
  • Added filters to have easy adjustment of images
  • Use videos in the slide

What makes our code better:

  • We do not use external libraries, with that being said, our code will have no to minimal effect to your website's speed performance
  • We do not leave or add codes use to advertise for our website
  • Our code is mobile friendly

Any issues related to the code will be fix with no additional cost, excluding code customization requests. Simply contact us with "Chat with us." We are just a button away. 

To start

1. Go to your Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit code

2. Go to Section folder and create a section, we will name it "custom-slideshow"

3. In the new section, paste the code below, then click SAVE


    Please note, every designs has different animation duration (See info below).

    Animation duration requirement
    .design1: 1s;
    .design2: 1s;
    .design3: 2s;
    .design4: 3s;
    .design5: 3s;
    .design6: 3s;
    .design7: 3s;
    .design8: 1s;
    .design9: 1s;
    .design10: 4s;
    .design11: 3s;
    .design12: depends on the autoplay speed

    4.  Go to Asset folder, create a new folder, name it "custom-slideshow"
    5. Open the newly created .css folder and paste the code below, then click SAVE

    6. Lastly, under the Asset folder, open the global.js or might be theme.js to other themes. If you are using minified javascript file, paste it to the min.js that your are using. Then, paste the code below. 


    Update 10/20/21: I made some changes in the code that the buttons appears with minimal design. (see image below on what it looks like)

    slideshow image dawn

    Update 11/06/21: I added a full-width option (in the customize theme editor, click the "Custom Slideshow" on your left. You should have the settings for the full-width and the interval there. (see image below). I also fix the dots, so when you click them, the index get pass on to the buttons and become the current dot. 

    Slideshow settings

    UPDATE 2/12/22: I made some major updates to have multiple slideshows in the same page. I have the color options available in the theme editor. You can have an option to hide the controls too. Made it mobile friendly.

    Let me know if you have questions. Enjoy! (",)

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    I think you are talking about design 1 and 2. There are multiple designs available. I don’t recommend changing the height unless necessary. Be reminded that your images are for both desktop and mobile, which does not have the same aspect ratio.


    Hello, thank you for this. It looks great but just had a few questions:
    - The first photo is full width but the next photos are only in a column to the right. How can I fix that?
    - Where in the code can I change the height of the slider? I like it full width but want it shorter height wise. Thank you

    Tatum Ronco

    My bad. Just change one word. See updates


    Thank you for great video, but buttons don’t work. Could you give me some advice?


    Thank you so much for this!
    The play button (when autoplay is enabled) doesn’t work!


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