UX designer and Front-end Developer


I am Ribe Love Dagandara

I believe that noone is born smart, but people who are smart studies and works hard than others. I have a passion with designs and website developing that is why I studied and acquire more knowledge on the said field. 


🏫 Schools: Coursera and Lourdes College
👩‍🎓  Degrees:  Associate and Bachelors Degree
💖 Hobbies: making image templates, picture taking, watching movies, playing online games
📜 Certificates: Google UX design, Meta Front-end developer course
📧 Email: ribelove816@gmail.com


  • 1Web design

    Website should be attracted and user friendly. Wireframes can be presented.

  • 2Web Developing

    Code can be simple but powerful. I write code from scratch, that makes me more familiar with debugging and functions.

  • 3Illustrator Designs

    Design logos and images.

  • 1My First Design Coffee Shop App in Figma

    This is my first design which im using the Ai for the images.

  • 2Ordering Pages in Figma

  • 3My 2nd Design in Adobe XD

    This is a Website Designs

  • 4Costumization Designs In Figma

  • 5My 3rd Design Fresh Food Community in Adobe XD(Mini Tablet)

  • 6My 3rd Design Fresh Food Community in Adobe XD(Android)

    All the Designs have a Prototype flow. Responsive on any other Devices.

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