Contacting Shopify Support

Have you been going around and around trying to contact Shopify Support? I found a little trick to get to this page below without going back and forth. 

Shopify Contact Support


Just follow the steps below.

1. Click this link, Contact Shopify Support, and log in to your store. 

2. You should be routed to the page like the image below.

Shopify Support

3. Instead of clicking on any choices provided, type the keyword, whatever you need help with in the search box. 

4. For me, I just type "qqqq" and the "Continue" button with "Get Support" appears. See image below. You can also see this button at the very bottom of the page if you type something else. 

Shopify Customer help

5. Click the "Continue" button and it should route you the page like the image below. I usually choose chat for faster reply.

Shopify Help

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