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What you need to know about Shopify 2.0

Shopify has gone above and beyond providing the best themes for free. The Shopify 2.0 free themes already offered several features, which before they were only possible with an app. The features I am talking about are the mega header, collapsible content, custom liquid section, multicolumn, predictive search feature, and the comprehensive collection filter. To check all the features, check the link here. These features are getting bigger and  putting most of the Shopify Apps out of business, not only that, also the paid Shopify themes. 

Shopify had taken a big step implementing the Shopify 2.0. Most of the Shopify theme developers have to update their current theme, which takes manpower and time.  

Refresh Theme

Let's bring the newly added Refresh theme into the picture? Shopify did not mentioned the cart drawer in the Refresh theme features. Check the Refresh theme documentation here. As of today, June 5, 2022, the refresh theme is the only Shopify 2.0 theme that has a cart drawer option. However, you can still add the ajax cart drawer to your Shopify 2.0 free theme by following this tutorial.

The Refresh theme page, also mentioned this testimonial section, which is a multicolumn section. In my opinion, Shopify developers are saying that you can just write a text and call it a testimonial. They failed to see the importance of the testimonial in every Shopify website. Testimonial sections are where Shopify websites mostly make conversions. To add a trusted testimonial section, check my testimonial section here

What this change does to Shopify store owners?

With these features, Shopify App developers have to create a unique app feature that is not possible yet in Shopify free themes. There are only few features that I can think of, therefore the competition is high. Shopify App developers have to compete with the cost as well. 

Not only Shopify App developers, but also the Shopify theme developers were affected. They have to get their heads together and figure out a unique theme. Competition is high as well, therefore, the price will get lower. 

To sum up, whatever move Shopify is doing,  only goes in one direction. This is to provide the best for the Shopify store owners. 

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