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8 Simple Steps to add Shipping Truck Icon in the Announcement Bar in Shopify


Follow the steps below. No need to have coding experience.


 1. Go to Shopify (make sure you are in admin). Then Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code

2. Open theme liquid

3. Find the end of the head. It should be like this "</head>"

4. Place the code right above the "</head>"

 <script src="https://kit.fontawesome.com/f7cf0a6419.js"></script>

//place this script above the closing head tag
</head> // <---- This is the ending head tag

5. Then, open the Section folder and click header.liquid

6. Find announcement-bar__message

7. Replace this code:
<p class="announcement-bar__message">{{ section.settings.message_text | escape }}</p>

To this code:

 <p class="announcement-bar__message"><i class="fas fa-shipping-fast"></i> {{ section.settings.message_text | escape }} </p>

You should also replace after the "endfor" code with this code

{% endfor %}<p class="announcement-bar__message"><i class="fas fa-shipping-fast"></i> {{ section.settings.message_text | escape }} </p>

8. Click SAVE both the theme.liquid and the header.liquid


Click if you want different icons.


Let me know if you have questions and I will try to answer. 


Thank you!!!(",)


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Hello! Thank you so much for making these videos. I am a real noob, but managed so easily to use your content!

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