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8 Steps to Add Dancing Custom Sliding Side Navigation Bar

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Compatibility: Old or Legacy Shopify themes only

Create a eye catching customizable sliding side-nav. Customize the sidebar without destroying your code.

Below are the steps in adding sliding side bar to your Shopify - Debut Theme. This sliding bar will show in every page of your website.

 To start:

1. First, we have to add a Sidebar menu in the Navigation
Go to Online Store >Navigation> Click Add menu.
2. Make sure you write title "Sidebar Menu"
3. Link collections you want to show
4. Click "save menu"
5. Then, we need to go to Online store> Themes> Actions> Edit code>
6. Go to Section folder, create a new section and name it custom-sidenav. Replace the code below, then click SAVE

7. Go to Layout folder and open theme.liquid. After section header, place the code below, then click SAVE

8. Add the section and customize the section

 Tips: Sidebar is created as a section so customizing will be easy. If you know a little about coding.

You can create a snippet instead and render the code in the header section. 

To render the code in the header.liquid, just place this code below before the </header>.


For full instructions on creating a Snippet Sidebar, visit the link with a code.


That's it (",) 


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@Antonia Mungin Which menu you want?


how can i change the menu i want to use because it reverting back and i have a custom menu i want to use

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