Changing/Editing the "View All" button in Shopify 

Changing/Editing the "View All" button in Shopify 

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Personalized your theme. No coding experience needed. NOTE: Code might be different with your theme.

 To start:

1. Go to your theme

2. Click "edit code"

3. Go to Section folder and find collection.liquid or might be featured-products.liquid for others.

4. Find the view_all section

5. Instead of replacing the whole  "<a href /a> " code, we will just need to replace the "{{ 'collections.general.view_all' | t }" with the code below

6. Then go to your schema and add a text box before the "]" before going to "presets"

7. Click Save

8. Go your theme again and click Customize

9. Add a Feature Collection and there should be a section for button label

Let me know if you have questions


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This code is for legacy themes only.


I have some issues with this code

My theme is Taste



The edits is for the legacy themes. Make sure to check in your theme editor. There might be a checkbox available to show the “View all” button.


Hi, i am trying to place this code for “view all button” into dawn theme. Comes back with error when I try to save.
“unable to update the file invalid json in tag ‘schema’”.
I am placing code into collection-list.liquid.
Can you help?

peter snowden

Hi @Rose Alexander. I think I replied to you already via “chat with us.” Anyway, I updated the code so you only have to find the view_all translation and replace it


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