Creating and Setting Up EmailJS to help with your Website Email

I choose EmailJS since they offer 200 monthly request for free. See EmailJS pricing.

 You will need:

✔️ Gmail account



1. Go to to sign up
2. Add New Service
3. Personal Service - Click Gmail
4. Connect Account
5. Pop up window will open and click on the Gmail account you wish to receive emails
6. Click Allow
7. Create Service
8. Go to Email Templates
9. Click Create New Template
10. Copy the input highlighted on image below


11. Then click SAVE

Tips: Please make sure you have the same code as below to prevent errors. (See image above for placement.)



Title: {{ContactFormTitle}}

SKU: {{ContactFormSKU}}

Name: {{ContactFormName}}

Email: {{ContactFormEmail}}

Message: {{ContactFormMessage}}

You will need the following to proceed:

  • Service ID - which can be found when clicking Email Services, below Gmail
  • Template ID - which can be found by clicking Email Templates, below your template title
  • User ID - which can be found by clicking Integration, under API Keys

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