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How to Add Shopify Contact Form to a Shopify Product Page

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Compatibility: All  Shopify 2.0 FREE themes  ONLYWorks from lower version to version 12

In the dynamic world of online shopping, providing excellent customer service is key to success. Adding a contact form directly to your Shopify product pages can significantly enhance the shopping experience, allowing customers to easily reach out with questions or feedback. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to integrate a contact form into your Shopify product page, improving customer engagement and potentially boosting sales.

Why Add a Shopify Contact Form to Your Product Page? Integrating a contact form on your product page offers numerous benefits:

  • Direct Communication: Customers can ask questions or share concerns immediately, right on the product page.
  • Increased Engagement: A contact form invites interaction, keeping customers engaged on your site.
  • Boosted Confidence: Providing a direct line of communication builds trust and confidence in your brand.

Best Practices for Contact Forms:

  • Keep It Simple: Don't overwhelm customers with too many fields.
  • Clear Call to Action: Use engaging language for your submit button, like "Question about this product?".
  • Responsive Design: Make sure your form looks good on both desktop and mobile devices.

Form looks like this in your Product page

Shopify contact form in product page image

To start:

1. Go to Admin Shopify store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code

2. In Snippet folder, click "Add a new snippet", and name it "shopify-contact-form".

3. Open the newly created snippet, and place the code below. Make sure to SAVE.


4. Let's open the theme editor. From your Admin page, go to themes, then click "Customize."

5. Go to your product template, and add a block called "Custom liquid."

6. Place the code below on the text area provided, then SAVE.


That's it (",)


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