Adding a Video Banner or Background Section

Adding a Video Banner or Background Section

Compatibility: All Shopify themes

Add a video banner in your home page. I would suggest using your own video file and not getting a youtube video or any other external source. I believe it makes it authentic when using your own video. 

To Start:

1. You need to go to the code editor. From your admin store, click Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code. 

2. Open the Sections Folder and create a new section. Name it whatever you want, then  replace the default code with the code below. Click SAVE.



4. All you have to do is add the file link from your file. To get the file link watch this video below, and jump to 0:48. 

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It does not work for me in the Focal theme.
Followed the instructions but can’t see the section in the “customize” area.


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