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Hire me instead 🙋

Hire me instead 🙋

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Let me transform your ideas to reality. Personalize your Shopify website. Need help? We can talk in discord to show what is needed to be done.

You are paying for the service. I can edit or modify anything you see in your Shopify store. Payments will be base on how many sections needed to be edited and the time that it might take me. I am a little quicker than others by the way. 😊

My customers are growing. Please ask me at "Chat with us" to check my availability before making payments.

Please, please utilize the free stuff. Visit the Shopify community You can get answers there for free or using apps. But if you want a quicker answer and no apps, just message me. I have Pacific Standard Time GMT-8. 

How did I come up with the amount? Please check Upwork. You can see how I work by looking at my written codes. I have several previous customers that can attest my good working ethics.

If for some reason, the code stops working. Just come back in my website and let me know. I take pride of my work and I ensure costumer's satisfaction. 

Thank you (",)


DISCLAIMER: have the rights to refuse service.  

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