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Adding Shopify Contact Form to Product Page

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I have been looking for a way to have customers contact me when they have question about the product. No APP needed, nor need API or subscription. The contact form will include the product title, the product SKU, customer's name, customer's email, and of course the message.

I used EmailJS to fulfill the sending of email using the Gmail account. Therefore, Gmail account is need. EmailJS has a 200 free emails/month. See Emailjs pricing.

This is compatible with Shopify Themes, such as Debut, Supply and Simple. I have not tried other themes yet. 

Please check our updated FREE Shopify contact form


  • Gmail account
  • EmailJS account

You do not need any coding experience to be able to complete this. Just follow 8 simple steps below.

To start:

1. First, we need the Service ID, Template ID and User ID from EmailJS. Please follow this link to set up your EmailJS.
2. Go to Shopify -> Online Store -> Themes -> Actions -> then Edit Code.
3. Create a snippet and name it "product-modal-contact-form", under Snippet folder
4. Paste the CODE below.

5. You need to change the highlighted code, and edit the Bold items to your store name, then click SAVE.
6. Go to Section folder and open the product-template-liquid file. Find the code below, usually at line 242. 

7. After the code above, paste the code below. 

8. Your code should look like below

 You can try it now in your website. You can see the quota you have available on the top of your EmailJS dashboard. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Update 9/29/21. Fix the button size issue and the paypal button showing when opening the form


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Hi @Terry Marie,

You should see the z-index property in the step#4 code


How do I increase the z-index property for my popup in my styles? I have other icons/boxes overlapping the questions popup box. That is what Emailjs support suggested I try. Any feedback? Thank you!

Terry Marie

Hello testing :)

Terry Marie

Hi. I’m sorry if your facing this issue. This is how you delete it.

1. In your online store. Go to themes.
2. Go to the theme you have emailJS.
3. Click Actions, then edit code
4. At the right side of your screen, you will see the theme folders. Find the product-template-liquid.
5. Open the folder. Then in your keyboard. Click Ctrl f at the same time, so the search input will come out. In the search box, paste this code {% render ‘product-modal-contact-form’ }.
6. Find the { render ‘product-modal-contact-form’ %} and delete it, then click SAVE
7. In your Theme folders. Find the Snippet folder.
8. Open the file, product-modal-contact-form
9. At the right corner, click the delete file button. That’s it


How do i delete EmailJS from my website?? I no longer want to use it but I have NO IDEA how to delete it… can you please please help me? Like a step by step guide, which is as easy as this guide :) Thank you!!

Terry Marie

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